Corresponding guidelines were developed for each specific activity contemplated within the scope of this activity.

  • content creation / collation

    ISEA invites content contribution towards development of informative content on cyber security practices, in various formats (as mentioned below), from interested members and organization who qualify the below mentioned criteria.

    • It should be a new content /content related to new and emerging threats or suggested by the portal team through official mail communication
    • Repetition of content or already available content contribution is not allowed  
    • Content should be easily understandable to a common user. Sentences should be short and simple language and terminologies commonly understood by a larger audience are to be used
    • Should be creative in approach and be able to present the cyber security related topics with necessary action points in an interactive and interesting manner in different formats for various users.
    • The member may choose any specific cyber security related aspect/topic that needs to be addressed in the current era. They should be able to deal each topic separately for different stake holders.
    • Ability to express or take specific approach required towards imparting the knowledge related to the cyber security topic should be user or stake holder specific.
    • Ensure your content is well-written and edited. This includes using clear and concise language, proper grammar and spelling.
    • Member should be good at any of the following chosen language of expression along with English i.e., 10 Indian languages i.e., Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Malyalam, Tamil, Bengali, Oriya, Assamese, Gujrati, Kashmiri.
    • Considering the importance, information can be collected from different sources, but, it is mandatory to acknowledge/mention the ‘Source of information’ at the end of the article. While collecting information from other sources, please follow the ‘copyright policy’ of the website/portal/book.
    • Formats of contribution of the content for any of the following
      1. Digitial Content in any language
      2. Story boards in Textual only ( if possible with images)
      3. Awareness hand books
      4. Cross words, quizzes,
      5. Character driven interactive cyber stories
  • The content already presents on the portal or any identified content can be forwarded for review by the ISEA Team. The content review process is essential for ensuring that the information published is high-quality, accurate, and meets your target audience's needs. Here are some key guidelines to consider for content review:

    • Assess the content for its relevance.
    • Proofread for spelling and grammatical errors.
    • Incorporate recent enhancements or modifications to ensure the content remains current and valuable to users.
    • Simplify complex sentences while maintaining their original meaning.
    • Ensure smooth content flow, accuracy of domain-specific terminology, and clarity in communication, balancing technical precision with user comprehension.
    • Include pertinent supplementary resources with accompanying links, where appropriate.
    • Recommend related topics that could be interconnected with the existing content.
    • Organise ISEA Cyber Safety and Security Awareness workshops at Schools/ Colleges/ Community level /CSC level / Village knowledge Centres / SHG/ Senior Citizen forums any identified or suggested places
    • Represent ISEA in appropriate events/workshops/conferences held in the state
    • Participate in ISEA Awareness week program in Tier II / Tier III/ District level as part of ISEA Program.
    • Work collaboratively with National Coordination (NCC) / Regional Coordination centres(RCC)
    • Special ISEA programs on Special Day or on important Days
    • Promote ISEA programmes/ advertise through Print and Electronic media like TV, radio and newspaper etc with approval from competent authority
    • Promote ISEA through all social media channels (face book, X, Instagram, linked in, YouTube. WhatsApp, Telegram, Snapchat etc…)
    • Enrol all attended participants to Cyber Awareness progression pathways
    • Reward points will be given for each contribution and support to ISEA activities
    • Stand a chance to be National level awardee(s) and volunteer of the month under the outreach segment
    • Promote and encourage workshop participants to be part of ISEA WhatsApp / Telegram Groups for cyber security alerts and updates
    • Ensure all workshop participants will participate in National level competitions and Quizzes
    • Share the available of resources like downloadable materials or online courses offered by ISEA.
    • Suggest to download the Cyber Fitness and Awareness app for live updates and stay connect with ISEA for all workshop participants
  • S.No Name of State Physical workshops
    School level College level Community level
    1 Andhra Pradesh 10 10 6
    2 Arunachal Pradesh 6 6 5
    3 Assam 9 9 6
    4 Bihar 10 10 8
    5 Chhattisgarh 9 9 5
    6 Goa 6 5 3
    7 Gujarat 10 10 6
    8 Haryana 9 9 6
    9 Himachal Pradesh 10 6 5
    10 Jharkhand 10 10 5
    11 Karnataka 10 10 6
    12 Kerala 10 10 6
    13 Madhya Pradesh 15 10 5
    14 Maharashtra 15 10 5
    15 Manipur 5 3 3
    16 Meghalaya 5 4 4
    17 Mizoram 5 4 3
    18 Nagaland 5 5 3
    19 Odisha 10 10 5
    20 Punjab 10 10 5
    21 Rajasthan 10 10 5
    22 Sikkim 5 3 3
    23 Tamil Nadu 10 10 5
    24 Telangana 10 10 5
    25 Tripura 5 3 3
    26 Uttarakhand 10 5 5
    27 Uttar Pradesh 15 10 5
    28 West Bengal 10 10 5
    Name of UT
    29 Andaman and Nicobar Islands 5 3 3
    30 Chandigarh 5 5 5
    31 Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu 3 3 3
    32 The Government of NCT of Delhi 10 10 5
    33 Jammu & Kashmir 10 5 3
    34 Ladakh 10 5 3
    35 Lakshadweep 3 3 3
    36 Puducherry 10 5 3
      Grand total 310 260 164
    • Submit / upload workshop report, workshop photos, Attendance sheet in the portal under the registered defender user ID
    • Enrol workshop participants into role based progression pathways
    • Encourage workshop participants to participate in National level competitions and Quizzes
    • Suggest to download the Cyber Fitness and Awareness app for live updates and stay connect with ISEA for all workshop participants
    • Promote and encourage workshop participants to be part of ISEA WhatsApp / Telegram Groups for cyber security alerts and updates
    • ISEA Banners should be printed by the volunteer and banner design support by ISEA
    • Brochures, Presentation and Videos will be shared by ISEA through its portal
    • Visited location should have TV/ LCD Projector etc for presentation / explanation to wider audience
    • Tentative Schedule of the session
    Timings Name of activity Resources
    60 Min – 80 min Cyber Awareness session PPT and  Videos
    30 Min Demo and Enrolment into learning courses Website and learning course platform
    10 Min Q & A