A unique cyber security awareness program providing a customized learning platform for different users to enhance cyber hygiene, cybersecurity, and privacy measures at the national level.

In today's era of technology, digital advancements have seamlessly integrated into our everyday routines. The use of digital devices has become deeply intertwined with societal functions, serving as a fundamental tool for communication, transactions, and various services.

Cyber Aware Digital Naagrik program under ISEA aims to reinforce cyber hygiene, cyber security, and privacy at the national level across various segments of the population.

It is a user-specific cyber awareness program that aims to educate Digital Naagrik about safe and secure digital practices at different levels starting from Children, Teens, Youth, Teachers, Women, Parent, Senior Citizens, Government Employees, NGOs, Common Service Centres(CSCs), Micro Small Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)  through Mass awareness programs, user engagement programs and role-based awareness progression pathways that will help to establish career pathways in the domain of cyber security.

Cyber Aware digital Naagrik program focuses on creating sustainable role-based awareness and progression pathways for major segments of the society in following ways:

Role-based awareness and progression pathways aim to deliver customized training and awareness to various users, tailored to their usage and technological needs within a systematic framework.

  • Certification programs for various users like Cyber Kid, Cyber Cadet, Cyber Women, Cyber Aware Officers and Cyber Trainers etc.,
  • User engagement programs such as competitions, quizzes, Games and Cyber clubs
  • Creating and developing multilingual and multimedia awareness content for a seamless and interactive learning experience of users.
  • Cyber Awareness resources - Website, Handbooks, posters, cartoons, videos, curricula resources.

Promoting cybersecurity awareness is essential to ensure the safety and security of users in the continually evolving threat landscape of the cyber world. It imparts a sense of proactive responsibility, encouraging individuals to take measures to stay safe in cyberspace. The following are the various ways and means for mass awareness among users.

  • Awareness workshops and awareness weeks
  • Print, Electronic media, and Community Radio
  • Social media platforms & cyber fitness/awareness apps