User Engagement Program in role-based learning is an initiative that allows participants to learn and understand cyber hygiene practices in simulated cyber scenarios. This program is designed to interact and actively involve users in a learning program and to instil cyber hygiene practices in a way that's simple, steady, and easy to understand. As we navigate our digital world, it's important to stay safe and secure. To make your learning journey exciting, flexible and rewarding it  includes various activities like quizzes, competitions, game-based learning, activities, exercises, case studies, Awards and reward points  etc. specifically tailored for different roles to boost engagement and make learning more effective. The program is packed with interactive materials, real-world applications, and supportive community. The following are some of the user engagement programs proposed

  • National level competitions - painting, drawing, poster making, sketching, etc.
  • Regional level - thematic quizzes, etc.
  • National level Quizzes, etc.
  • Cyber Clubs @ Schools
  • Handbooks (Multi-lingual Awareness Handbooks )
  • Cyber hygiene quizzes are the evaluation tools used to measure a person's self knowledge or understanding of the learning program. It's about learning the best practices to protect their digital environment . Our learning program will conduct both Regional and National Level Quizzes, a chance to showcase your knowledge, challenging yourself and learning the best practices to protect their digital environment.

  • Our learning program will host National Level Competitions. This includes a range of exciting contests such as Drawing and painting, Slogan Writing, Reels, Cartoon story boards, Real time incidents, poster presentations and Short Video Competitions. It's a golden opportunity for all of you to showcase your creativity, voice your thoughts, and stand a chance to shine on a national platform.

  • Introduce our User Engagement Programs, featuring Cyber Clubs as part of our Learning Program at schools and colleges. These clubs will offer a unique platform to interact, learn, and grow together in the dynamic field of technology. They are designed to foster collaboration, enhance knowledge, and promote practical applications.

  • The implementation of recognition pathways such as awards and accolades, recognizing individual and school achievements at various levels. Whether it's at the school, district, state, or national level, your efforts will be noticed. Keep an eye on our dashboard to see the shining stars of our educational community.

    (Note: An event will be planned at National level during the month of October 2024 for distribution of prizes to all winners and associated agencies, Schools/ Colleges etc )

  • Introducing a new Reward Point system where each person and activity will now earn points that will be integrated into our Cyber Awareness Progression Pathways portal. You can earn points by referring friends, reward for updating and completion of profile, reward for topic completion , quiz completion, participation and winning in competitions and track your progress and achievements.

  • Our Multilingual Awareness Handbook in Cyber Hygiene Program! This guide is designed to help everyone understand the importance of cyber hygiene, no matter what language you speak. Our handbook covers the basics in simple, easy-to-understand language. It provides practical tips and strategies to help you be more secure online. We believe cyber safety is a global concern, and language should never be a barrier. We are all digital consumers in one way or another, and it's our responsibility to stay informed about the changing landscape of cyber threats.

  • Upon completion of every module, you'll need to take an assessment. It is a great opportunity to refresh and test your understanding of the material. These assessments are designed to aid your learning process. They will highlight areas you've mastered and areas that might need a bit more study time.

  • Following each learning course, we'll share real-life examples demonstrating the application of the knowledge gained. This will not only help you understand the concepts better but also inspire you to think out of the box.